Public Relations Theory
  • Insight into the nature, scope, function, and importance of public relations.
  • Roles and responsibilities of public relations practitioners.
  • Public relations techniques, strategies, terminologies
  • Media Relations II (the techniques and communication methods with the media)
    Media Analysis and Evaluation techniques
  • Market Research



  • What is PR

  • Brand building and the power of PR

  • PR and corporate image

  • PR and marketing

  • PR and corporate communications

  • Language, typical terms, jargon etc

  • Deductive thinking and logical writing in PR

  • Analysis of news channels and newspapers

Basic Concepts in PR
  • Understanding the media
  • Public Relations strategies
  • Importance of Media Relations
  • Understanding PR relations with Brands
  • Understanding the USP
  • Positioning of the communication message
  • Accurate media to be targeted
  • PR programs and their various components, and learn the basics of public relations as a profession
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (using case studies).
  •  Media Analysis & Evaluation
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • Personal Grooming
  • Soft Skills
  • Writing and Presentation Skills


  • Why companies need public relations

  • Advertising Vs PR

  • The typical process of PR from briefing to execution

  • News: what is it? How do you make it?

  • Messaging : creating and delivering them

  • Understanding the PR tools and how they work

  • Research, Strategy and Planning how to develop PR campaigns

Journalism and PR

  • Getting acquainted with the basics of Journalism

  • The role of Journalism in PR

  • Significance of PR & Journalism

  • Understanding variants in journalism

  • Fimiliarising with Journalism specific writing



  • Fundamental concepts of Journalism

  • Journalism for print, TV and digital

  • Interface between Journalism and PR

  • Writing for journalism

  • Beat specific Journalism

  • For different media

  • Credibility and ethics

  • Functions in journalism

  • Feature writing

  • Reporting

Communicating through the Media

  • Risk, Issue & Crisis handling
  • The Role of PR in Marketing
  • The Role of PR in Brand building
  • The Role of PR in Advertising
  • The Role of PR in Event management
  • Role of PR in Public affairs
  • Effective Business Communication Skill                                      
  • Crisis management
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate social responsibility



  • An introduction to different types of media and how they work

  • Understanding and analyzing news and how they impact image

  • Importance and mechanics of building and maintaining media relationships

  • How to think and write for the media

  • How to develop PR campaigns that work in the media

  • Conducting yourself working with journalists the correct way

The Practice of PR in Key Industries

  • CEO reputation management
  • Corporation reputation management
  • Financial and investor relations
  • Brands and Brand Management
  • Corporate Identity and Reputation Management
  • Identifying Risk, Issues and Crisis Management
  • Developing and Presenting Plans and Proposals; Account Management
  • Corporate Affairs and Business Advocacy
  • Sponsorship and Event Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • PR for FMCG industry

  • PR for Healthcare and Pharma

  • PR for infrastructure

  • PR for IT companies

  • PR for hospitality industry

  • PR for Lifestyle companies and celebrities

  • PR for Nonprofit organizations

  • Analysis of entertainment tools

Understanding of

         Print Journalism

         TV Journalism

         Online Journalism


  • Classification of Journalism
  • Print Journalism - Reporting & Editing
  • Specialized Reporting & Feature Writing
  • Subjective / Objective writing
    Style & grammar
  • Beat Specific Reporting
  • Copy editing & Rewriting
  • Communication Skills / Behavioral Science
  • Online / Digital Media- Reporting & Editing


Integrated  Communications

         Introduction to Public Relations

         Introduction to Print Journalism

         Introduction to TV Journalism

         Introduction to Online Journalism

         Introduction to Advertising

         Introduction to Marketing

         Introduction to Events




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